Tur Dal Rice for babies

Tur Dal rice with Ghee is a good way to introduce BLW Rice to babies
Ghee Rice and Tur Dal Rice pinit

Beginning at 6 months, Its recommended to introduce a variety of first foods, such as Ragi, Wheat, Rice, Fruits and Vegetables. Rice can also be introduced in small amounts, probably for 1 serving a day. In Baby Led Weaning, you can offer as rice balls to make it easy for babies to pick up.

Tur Dal with Rice is a typical South Indian way of introducing Baby weaning food.

Tur Dal Rice for babies

Servings: 1


Rice and Tur dal can be cooked separately in Baby Led Weaning method of offering rice to make easier for the Toddlers to handle the rice easily.

Care should be taken not to make it too watery, which will make the rice into porridge consistency.

Our objective is to make rice balls so that Babies can easily pick and put them in the mouth.

Ingredients for Tur Dal Rice with Ghee for Babies

Method to Prepare Tur Dal Rice for Babies

  1. Remember we don't add salt for Babies upto 1 yr

    Take Tur dal and Rice separately. In a small cup add rice and water (1:2 ratio), in another cup add dal and hot water. 

  2. Cook in Pressure cooker for 3-4 whistles. (the Rice and Dal should be cooked well)

  3. While the Rice and Dal are hot, combine them along with some ghee to mash well with your hand. 

    Don't add the dal water since that'll make it difficult to form balls. Just add the thick dal alone as needed to the rice to get the right consistency.
  4. Make them into small lemon size balls for the babies to pick and eat easily.

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