Mangoes for Babies for Baby Led Weaning

Mango for 6months+ Babies for Baby Led Weaning, offering for the first time

6 to 9 months old Babies can be introduced to Mango for babies with Baby-Led Weaning. The king of fruits has a unique flavour and taste that babies love to chew

Is Mango a good First food for baby?

Mango is fat free, sodium free and cholesterol free.
Mangos contain over 20 different vitamins and minerals and particularly very rich in Vitamin C, Folate and Beta carotene. Vitamin C is important for forming blood vessels and Healthy collagen. Folate helps the body make red blood cells and DNA. These nutrients in mango may help support your body’s immune system. This is also a reason that pregnant ladies take mangoes as part of their diet.
So, Mango is a good First food for your Baby.

Can I give Mangoes to my 6Month+ old Baby with Baby Led Weaning?

Yes. if your baby is ready for solids, Mango can be introduced to your Baby to 6month+ babies with Baby Led Weaning. It has a unique flavor and taste that babies love chewing on. Read this to know whether your Baby is ready for solids. BLW-how to be prepared before your child turns 6 months.

How do I give Mangoes to 6 to 9 months old Babies with Baby-Led weaning?

Serving suggestion for 6-9Months Babies. Peel the mango and cut them into long slices that can be grasped by your baby. Keep in mind that mangos are extremely slippery, so if your baby has trouble holding on to it, you can also roll it in finely grated coconut or nut powders for better grip.

Once your baby develops a good pincer grasp, you may also dice it into smaller pieces that your baby can pick up and eat (optional).
Keep in mind that nuts are known allergens, so better to introduce one at a time and in the mornings to better monitor.

It’s almost the end of mango season, but we had to introduce the king of fruits to S! It has a unique flavour and taste that S loved chewing on. We first gave lengthwise cut Mango slices to S (you can check the picture below for reference). He really enjoyed the taste. We were a little skeptical if he’ll be able to hold on to it, but he surprised us by moving the mango slice to the edge of his highchair tray and holding it against that edge to pick it up! After that we didn’t coat anything to make it less slippery, just gave it cut in the appropriate size and let S figure out the best way to pick it up.

After a week, we reintroduced again and this time tried offering it whole with the pit (peeled it beforehand). It was too big for S to hold and kept slipping away, so we cut it lengthwise again in a size he could manage. S loved the colour and taste!

S loved Alphonso and Banganapalli. Which varieties did your baby enjoy?

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