BLW Banana Stem for Babies

Banana Stem offering for the first time (6months+)

Banana stem is rich in potassium and vitamin B6 just like the fruit. Steamed Banana Stem can be offered to Babies after 6 months. Banana stem is rich in Key vitamins and Minerals like vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin B3, calcium and iron which helps in normal red blood cell synthesis, strong muscles, bones and active nerve functions.

Can I give Banana Stem to 6month+ baby?

Steamed Banana Stem can be given to your baby when he turns six months old with Baby-Led weaning and when the baby is ready for solids. To know whether the Baby is ready for Solid foods read this blog on BLW-how to be prepared before your child turns 6 months.

How do I prepare Banana Stem to my baby?

Banana Stem has lot of fibre. When we prepare for Babies we must give the inner core. So, completely remove the outer layers and take the centre part of Banana Stem.
Cook the Banana Stem in Pressure Cooker or Steamer for About 5-10 Min.

How to serve Banana Stem to Baby?

When Banana Stem is completely cool, cut them lengthwise into 1cm thick Sticks for offering it to babies.
Serve them on a plate or on highchair tray in front of your baby and let them reach out and grab it. The size and consistency of Banana Stem makes it easy for Babies to hold and gnaw.
Note: Baby would enjoy gnawing and they would squeeze the juice and might leave the residue.

When we introduced Banana Stem to S, he was interested in holding it and chewing it nicely. While it was too thick for him to bite through without teeth, he enjoyed sucking the juice out of it. We felt it was a nice way to expose him to various tastes. Cutting it lengthwise is easier for better grip.

Tips for making Baby Led Weaning best Banana Stem Baby Food:

Always use the fresh Banana Stem rather precooked or refrigerated Vegetable
Do not add Salt upto 1 year of age
Remove the outer layers and take only the inner core.