Hi, I’m Divya, a first-time mom who’s exploring the world of blogging. When the time came to start solids for my son, I wanted to make healthy eating easy, tasty and fun which led me to start exploring BLW. Though there is a wealth of information on the net, they are all catering to other cuisines and there was very little information on how to modify it for our Indian foods. Having spent a lot of time in understanding and modifying it appropriately to our local foods, I started this blog to help other new mothers who are going through the same process. All recipes here are made with busy moms in mind and hence they are simple and made with readily available kitchen ingredients for wholesome everyday meals.

 Please keep in mind that I am not a nutritionist or a Doctor, and all information given is based on my own experiences along with my mother-in-law Meera Venkatesh and my mother Deepa Kasturirangan. All recipes here have the Grandmothers’ seal of approval by default and most of them have actually been conceptualized and reviewed by them keeping traditional local foods in mind.

 It would be beneficial for you to read up on BLW prior to starting your journey. You can refer to my BLW blog posts for some quick and easy condensed information or you can look online- there is a great deal of information and videos available to get introduced to this concept that’s slowly gaining traction in Indian households around the globe.

Always give your full 100% attention when feeding your Baby. For any specific medical queries, kindly consult your personal pediatrician.