BLW baby Led Weaning method of offering Broccoli for the first time 6months+ Babies.

Broccoli is a relatively new vegetable in Indian households. Many of us might not have eaten it at home or even tried eating it. However, it’s extremely nutritious and I would urge you to consider introducing it to your baby. I’ve included tips below for ideas on how you can get cook the remaining Broccoli for adults once the baby’s portion is removed.

Our experience: We introduced it to S during his first week of solids and he absolutely loved it. Chewed through all the florets and only the stem was left behind!

Tip: Ensure there is a good amount of stem for the baby to hold on to.

How to serve Broccoli to Babies?

As a first food, Broccoli is extremely easy to cook and introduce. We bought organic Broccoli from our local store.

Steps to prepare:
1. Wash Broccoli thoroughly and cut bigger florets from the main stem.
2. At 6 months you can offer whole florets or florets sliced though lengthwise if you feel they are too big. If your baby is older than 9 months, you can cut them smaller at a size the baby is comfortable with.
3. Steam the broccoli florets well until it’s cooked and soft. Use a steamer for better control. Personally, I feel it gets easily overcook if done in a pressure cooker and it’s better to avoid that route. If the florets are too soft, it’ll break quickly and it will be difficult for the baby to catch hold of it.

For adults, the best way to use up the remaining broccoli might be to sauté as part of Hakka noodles or a stir fry. Another option is to make broccoli soup which is also extremely nutritious and tasty as well.

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